Quintiles Medical Education Overview

Increased regulatory scrutiny and tightened industry guidelines have led to tremendous changes in the way CME programs are planned, funded, executed, and evaluated. Quintiles Medical Education (QME) is propelling CME confidently into this new era. QME’s educational programs are developed by clinical experts, incorporate the latest scientific data, and integrate adult learning principles. The result of this is CME programs that provide quantitative improvements in knowledge, competencies, and patient quality of care.

  • QME designs programs to address medical education needs based on approaches that will work best with clinicians in their specific therapeutic areas. Learn more
  • Numerous grantors and partners believe in the quality and value that QME’s programs bring to clinicians. Learn more
  • QME incorporates the latest advances in outcomes measurements to demonstrate how each program improves clinician competencies and ultimately, the quality of patient care.
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Everyone at Quintiles Medical Education is committed to making CME programs valuable to participants, grantors, oversight groups, and patients.
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